Philippe Gerum wrote:
 > Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
 > > Since binding of the semaphore heaps is now made by xeno_skin_bind, there 
 > > is
 > > much less modifications in src/skins/posix/init.c. However, I had to do
 > > something really ugly: since binding the semaphore heaps by xeno_skin_bind
 > > requires calls to open, ioctl, mmap, close and munmap, I redefined these 
 > > symbols
 > > to be the __real_ variants before including bind.h.
 > Is there any upside to do this instead of simply calling the __real_*
 > placeholders, since we do already provide weak wrappers for those when the
 > linker's wrapping magic is not invoked?

The point is that the wrappers and linker magic only take place for
POSIX skins. Other skins have to call the genuine open, ioctl, mmap,
close and munmap services.



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