Roland Stigge wrote:
 > [Warning: First in a series of several issues applicable to
 >'s code.]
 > Hi,
 > at, you can find the latest
 > version of Debian's package "xenomai". The "diff" to xenomai 2.4.3
 > applies to the normal Xenomai distribution with an empty debian/ directory.
 > Feel free to synchronize the Debian changes back to the mainline Xenomai
 > repository, especially the Debian packaging has been fixed.

Hi Roland, 

I am trying to merge the debian changes back into Xenomai, however, I
have two problems:
- I can not find back the 2.4.3-4 patch, I only find 2.4.3-7;
- I do not want to merge changes that replace /bin/sh with /bin/bash
  since we fixed the bashism the right way (it is important for people
  of the embedded world, that Xenomai does not require /bin/bash, since
  embedded boxes may use other shells);
- I do not want to include the manual pages in the debian/
  sub-directory since I merged your patch adding manual pages to the
  proper place.

So, could you re-generate a patch using Xenomai v2.4.x branch fixing
these two issues ? I promise, this time I will not wait one month before
merging the changes.

Thanks in advance.



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