Hi Gilles,

thanks for your response. ;-)))

Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
> I am trying to merge the debian changes back into Xenomai, however, I
> have two problems:
> - I can not find back the 2.4.3-4 patch, I only find 2.4.3-7;

No problem - always just take the latest one, currently 2.4.3-7.

> - I do not want to merge changes that replace /bin/sh with /bin/bash
>   since we fixed the bashism the right way (it is important for people
>   of the embedded world, that Xenomai does not require /bin/bash, since
>   embedded boxes may use other shells);
> - I do not want to include the manual pages in the debian/
>   sub-directory since I merged your patch adding manual pages to the
>   proper place.

Fine. Just do the changes the way you like it Xenomai ("upstream"):
Bashism fixes and man pages in the proper upstream place. On next merge
from Xenomai (e.g. 2.4.4 to Debian 2.4.4-1), I will synchronize it from
xenomai.org. For 2.4.3, the respective change would require maintainer
script regeneration due to changes in Makefile.am's, which I would like
to prevent.

So feel free to do a 2.4.4 (or whatever) release soon. :-)

(For integrating the Debian changes in addition to the respective
upstream changes, just remove the man pages in debian/,
debian/xenomai-runtime.manpages and the /bin/bash patch.)


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