Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
> What I criticize is patching without submitting patches upstream, or
> without consulting upstream package maintainers, or making debian
> patches hard to apply upstream.

I both submitted to Xenomai upstream and provided an easy patch (not
even assuming the stripped debian/*), you should be fully satisfied
now... ;-)

For the libssl case, it was basically the same, as I understand it. (I'm
not involved into Debian's openssl packaging, though.)

> For instance I saw  there was a bug with generating debian packages
> for ARM. Instead of reporting this bug upstream, which, as the
> maintainer of Xenomai ARM port, I could have helped to resolve, you
> chose to resolve the bug silently [...]

I just incorporated the patch by Riku Voipio for Debian #477720 which
resolved the problem for Debian's ARM porters. (Further, I sent you the
patch in a convenient way...)

If you have further improvements in 2.4.4, fine. :-)


PS: I hope it doesn't look to the others like we are complaining about
each other's work. So for the rest of xenomai-core developers: This is
just mine and Gilles' way to say "thanks for your work" to each other. ;-)))

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