Here is the fourth maintenance release for the v2.4.x branch.  Short
log follows:


        * Prevent drifts between large calculated versus measured dates.
        * Fix potential deadlock on SMP when ptracing shadow threads.
        * Thaw timers when a ptraced shadow thread exits.
        * Fix race introduced by xnsynch ownership preemption.
        * Fix RPI update.
        * Fix priority propagation issue with mixed interfaces.
        * Fix compilation issues with uClibc.


        * Output outstanding number of heap mappings from the registry.
        * Fix tiny memory leak for rt_task_self().
        * Ensure rt_task_suspend() returns -EINTR upon signal receipt.
        * Allow rt_task_sleep_until() to sleep indefinitely
        * Fix rt_task_send() in the non-blocking case (TM_NONBLOCK).
        * Documentation updates.


        * Fix pthread_cond_init(), pthread_mutex_init() for NULL
        * Restart silently upon EINTR error.
        * Fix signal handling when directed at shadow threads.
        * Fix recursion count of mutex after suspension on a condvar.


        * Fix calendar date to ticks conversion.
        * Return ERR_NOBUF when required.
        * Fix system call number of tm_evevery service.


        * Make sem_give() a conforming syscall.
        * Make semaphore support callable from non-VxWorks tasks.
        * Rework mutex support.
        * Provide taskInfoGet() service.
        * Fix byte count in msgQReceive() wrapper.


        * Upgrade to kernel 2.6.25.
        * Add legacy ppc/ branch support to 2.6.20.


        * Upgrade to kernel 2.6.25.


        * Resync on 2008R1 (kernel 2.6.22). Add support for bf54x and


        * Upgrade to kernel 2.6.25.

See the ChangeLog for details.


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