Steven A. Falco wrote:
> Philippe Gerum wrote:
>> Steven A. Falco wrote:
>>> I am building kernel from DENX with Xenomai 2.4.4 for PPC440EPx
>>> (sequoia development board).
>>> The kernel tries to use DHCP to obtain network settings.  With IPIPE
>>> disabled, this works perfectly.  However, when I enable IPIPE, the board
>>> sends packets ok, but does not receive packets - I can see the DHCP with
>>> a sniffer, but the development board does not receive them.
>> External interrupts are probably locked out by the pipeline engine;
>> I've fixed a
>> similar issue in recent patches for other PICs. Which I-pipe patch
>> release are
>> you using?
> I am using the patch that came with Xenomai 2.4.4, namely:
> adeos-ipipe-2.6.25-powerpc-DENX-2.2-02.patch

I can't reproduce this issue on a 440EP board, but I still have to to put my
hands on a 440EPX to check this. However, both should be using the common 44x
PIC support, so I don't expect big changes here.

Are you using the powerpc/ branch, or legacy ppc/ one for building the sequoia


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