Hello people,

I am a new member, registred on Gna! & Xenomaï mailing lists.

At the moment, my role is to help teams to develop embedded software in
aerospace (aeronautics system including Scade applications, middleware and
basic/complex operating system ...).

I have some questions about Xenomaï:

   - Is a skin Arinc 653 available or not ?
   - If not, is-it possible to develop spatial/temporal partioning on top of
   Xenomaï ?
   - Shall Xenomaï  require  a Linux platform to run ?
   - If Linux is not required, is-it a faq or some directives in order to
   make a port on a "scratch operating system" or an existing micro-kernel
   (example : MicroCOS-II, uCLinux, eCos ...) ?
   - Can be Linux replaced by a VxWorks COIL (Core OS Interface Library)
   architecture ?

Sorry, if my questions seem to be "newbies", it is my first collaboration on
this mailing list !

Marc Kaufmann.
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