Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Philippe Gerum wrote:
>> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> next issue on my way towards fast native mutexes: as mutexes are now
>>> mostly acquired in user space, the recursion counter lockcnt will only
>>> be maintained in the context of the owning thread (at best: its process)
>>> in user space. No update on the kernel-side lockcnt will take place
>>> anymore, thus rt_mutex_inquire can only return 0 or 1, no > 1. Is it OK
>>> to break the ABI here?
>> I think so, we might lose some debug information, but that's the price for 
>> much
>> better performances. I can't imagine any sane code iterating lockcnt-times
>> blindly to unlock a mutex it owns until it is free. Nah, of course not...
>> Btw, I guess that the /proc information about mutexes would have to be 
>> reworked
>> as well.
> Haven't looked into this yet (or haven't stumbled over any issue). What
> conflict / lack of data do you have in mind here?

Basically, exporting the lock owner and the locking depth is likely no more
possible for userland optimized mutexes.

> Jan


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