Jan Kiszka wrote:
> To improve robustness of the fast mutex implementation in POSIX (and
> later on in native), it is better to track the mutex owner by handle
> instead of kernel object pointer. Therefore, this patch changes
> __xn_sys_current (xeno_set_current) so that it returns
> xnthread_handle(current_thread). It furthermore converts the POSIX mutex
> implementation to pick up and store the lock owner as handle in the
> kernel/user-shared mutex. Finally it ensures that at least POSIX threads
> always have an (anonymous) handle assigned.
> As the value stored in the mutex variable is now an integer, we can
> switch over to xnarch_atomic_t, removing all atomic_intptr users.

Ok. I do not know if this should be part of this patch, or in another
one, but we should call xeno_set_current in the trampolines of all
skins, so that they can use the native and posix mutexes.

This is another thing that I have left in a state of flux...


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