Yasser Kashfi wrote:
> this program previously worked on another PC. but now when I execute
> it on the new PC, It cause the kernel panic ( Unable to handle null
> pointer reference ...). same kernel is run on two PC, and not seems
> any difference.  but now I print memory status (/proc/meminfo). a
> huge difference is found! in first pc ( that program worked ) total
> vmalloc = totol memory = 510 M and highmem = 0, but on second pc (
> that kernel panic ) total vmalloc = 119M but total memory = 1 G and
> highmem = 122. have everyone any idea?

It seems that highmem could be the problem right ? To confirm that this
is the issue, could you recompile your kernel with CONFIG_VMSPLIT_3G_OPT ?


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