Yasser Kashfi wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have a problem with xenomai user-space task. I write a very simple
> xenomai user-space task with one real-time thread, and try to start
> it as service.

What does "start as a service" mean?

> I do it properly. but when change this program with
> another xenomai user-space task with 10 real-time threads and some
> FIFO, queue, ... ; the task can not start and fail.

What do you mean it fails? What function call returns what return value?

> also this problem
> appear when system reboot and try to stop this task.

What problem? Obviously it is not the "service" which does not start,
so, what is it ?

> although when
> system is up and I run (service my-service [start/stop]) it work
> without any problem.
> I glad to see your comments. Best regards.

To really help you we need more than this mail. The program which fails,
any log, any oops ?


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