Philippe Gerum wrote:
> Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
>> Hi,
>> on some (all ?) platforms, we get a SIGILL when trying to emit the first 
>> Xenomai syscall, instead of the -ENOSYS return value. This patches 
>> handles the SIGILL by printing an error message and exiting.
> This is an issue for archs that encode the syscall number into the trap opcode
> like ARM using the OABI, others will get -ENOSYS as expected, so this should
> move to the arch-specific code.

Actually, I get a SIGILL on ARM compiled with EABI as well. Moving this
code to the arch dependent code looks hard, since we need to setup the
jump buffer in the very function which issues the syscall (Ok, we could
use a macro). But what would you think of a SIGILL handler which does
not longjmp (like Jan suggested, simply print an error message and exit,
even if xeno_bind_skin_opt was called) ?


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