Based on the user_irq.c I created a simple test program for my PPC405GPr 

We have a FPGA which generates an interrupt every millisecond.
It seems to work as simple test (fire it once and assure that it
sets the interrupt-bit).

When I connect it to the irq_server however (letting the main task
sleep 1 second) I get around 2321964 error and not a single OK from 
Also my debug LED flicker very fast.
The FPGA is connected to the External Interrupt 0, which has the number 25.

I think that I either got the polarity/level/edge register wrong or
I am playing with the wrong interrupt.

Could anybody tell me, whether I used the correct interrupt number?
Does Linux somewhere overwrite the values for the UIC polarity/level, etc
settings written by U-Boot (e.g. for my board in board_early_init_f)

Any hints are welcome.

Best regards

NIklaus Giger

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