Philippe Gerum wrote:
> (*) Btw, if you happen to export the current thread state via the shared heap 
> to
> userland for the fast mutexes, I guess that we could to use it as well to
> implement a smarter pthread_setschedparam/rt_task_set_priority, doing 
> something
> like:
>       if (in_secondary_mode(ptid))
>               __real_pthread_setschedparam(...);
>       else
>               XENOMAI_SKINCALL(...);
> When running in secondary mode, we should be able to rely on the automatic
> propagation the nucleus does in do_setsched_event(), if the underlying 
> priority
> scale is POSIX-compatible, which will work for the native skin as well.

If we export the thread state to user-space there are many things we can
do from user-space, such as disabling preemption for instance.


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