Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>> Ack. There are rt_printf (rtdk) and the task-self services of vxworks,
>> vrtx and native skins. So if I get an OK for the proposal, I'll convert
>> the rest, too.
> And I really do not understand how the keys can be chosen at
> compilation-time, especially in the situation where multiple libraries
> allocate __thread objects separately: how does the compiler know which
> key to give for each library ?

The keys are known at linking time when a) their context is module-local
and b) their TLS storage can be appended to main's TLS area (and that
can only happen during initial linking, of course).

BTW, another advantage of TLS over getspecific /wrt task-self is that it
overcomes its laziness: its now cheap and easy to set self in the thread

Philippe, could it be that vrtx's sc_tinquiry implementation is broken?
I only find the corresponding pthread_setspecific in the lib
constructor. That pattern totally disagrees with native and vxworks.


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