Philippe Gerum wrote:
> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>> Hi,
>> xnpipe_setup and the callbacks it sets is dead code for in-tree Xenomai
>> users. Going back to, well, fusion-0.6.9 (the oldest version we have in
>> LXR), it used to be dead meat already at that time. Can we remove it?
> We can and should emulate the close handler using the input one, so we may get
> rid of the former.
> We need some way to fire a callback in a skin implementation when userland
> connects, this is what the open handler was for; this may be required for
> implementing more complex data channels over the generic message pipe code. 
> Ok,
> we could also divert the input handler for that purpose as well, and it makes
> little sense to keep a full interface just for that case.
> Go ahead, remove that code, but if a skin developer ever comes and complains
> about the terminal ugliness of our input handler looking like a kitchen sink 
> in
> a near future, I will ruthlessly direct him to YOU. Ah! Fair enough?

Yeah, just blame the street cleaner...


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