the documentation refers to the Native Task Status (T_*) when it comes
to documenting rt_task_info.status. That is not correct. That field
contains far more flags than T_* is describing and, even worse, comes
with two collisions: T_PRIMARY and T_JOINABLE are not reported by
rt_task_inquire, rather T_RELAX (!T_PRIMARY, arrrg...) and T_HELD.

I see two ways out of this:

 a) Redirect the documentation to the nucleus thread state flags.

 b) Redefine the numerical values of T_PRIMARY and T_JOINABLE (the spare
    bits are unused with the native skin), add missing but possibly
    interesting flags as T_-constants and ensure that T_PRIMARY and
    T_JOINABLE are correctly injected on rt_task_inquire from user

Somehow I tend to prefer a)...


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