Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Here comes a significantly reworked patch series to improve fast mutex
> support of Xenomai.
> This approach now introduces a generic fast xnsynch core and converts
> the existing POSIX implementation over. It also comes with a second
> user, the Native skin. Additionally, it improves xeno_get_current via
> a TLS variable and addresses the issue that threads in secondary mode
> acquiring an uncontended mutex need to be migrated first.
> At this chance, the TLS optimization is also applied on self-lookups of
> task handles (Native, VRTX and VxWorks). And I included my
> SMP-by-default patch for user libs which is highly recommended to reduce
> the risk of accidental code breakage on SMP with the new mutex code.

A minor remark. This is the third round of patches for fast mutexes, and
 each round, you submit even more changes to review than the previous
round. If I doubted of your honesty, I could think that you are trying
to dilute some questionable changes into more changes so that they get

Could we focus on a small set of changes, reach consensus, merge them,
and then move to the next set of changes?


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