Philippe Gerum wrote:
> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>>> The state tracking of Linux tasks queue on xnpipe events was fairly
>>> broken. An easy way to corrupt some xnpipe_state_t object was to kill a
>>> Linux task blocked on opening a /dev/rtpX device (this left the state
>>> object queued in xnpipe_sleep, and hell broke loose on next queuing).
>>> Another problem that popped up after reworking xnpipe queuing was a
>>> stalled XNPIPE_USER_CONN after receiving a signal in xnpipe_open.
>>> The following patch addresses both issues, appears to run fine so far
>>> (at least the test case no longer triggers), and also cleans up some
>>> redundant nklock acquisitions/releases. Nevertheless, I may miss some
>>> corner case that might have triggered the original design. So please
>>> check carefully.
>> While fighting over a single bit elsewhere, let's not forget this open
>> issue:
> I did not forget this issue. It is close to the top of stack now.
>  Customer asks for a solution of the hard lock-up he faced, and
>> /me would like to know if this fix comes with no obvious regressions.
> The patch looks sane, but I want to run a few tests that have been developed
> over time to chase bugs in that code, before giving the patch a go. ETA: 
> tomorrow.

Great, thanks.


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