Hi Alexis,

Alexis Berlemont wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to find a way to populate the Comedi drivers set.
> However, I am stuck by a simple fact: I have no acquisition board to validate 
> a least driver...
> Starting from here, I am trying to find out what should be the proper method 
> to provide non-validated drivers to anybody inclined to test them. 
> Do you think creating a specific subversion branch for this stuff would be a 
> good idea ?

Given the well-known fact that (too) few people look beyond what we
deliver as releases and also assuming that your drivers should have no
side-effects (unless when actually used), I would rather suggest to
develop for SVN head, merge and deliver, but mark each driver
"experimental" until people with real hw confirm that it works as expected.


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