Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>> Hi Gilles,
>> here is a trivial test case on my desk that points to SCHED_RR issues of
>> the POSIX skin: simple pthread_create with an attribute block that has
>> SCHED_RR set, but neither SCHED_RR nor the priority reach the new thread.
>> The way the scheduling policy and parameters get to that user space
>> thread leads via __real_pthread_setschedparam after
>> __pse51_thread_create. This triggers do_setsched_event in shadow.c. But
>> here we filter out all policies except for SCHED_FIFO. So neither the
>> priority nor the required XNRRB flag make it to the target therefore.
>> Even worse, we are running aperiodic timer mode, so this would not have
>> worked anyway due to the scheduler limitations. Fortunately, it turned
>> out that the customer is fine with SCHED_FIFO as well, but the broken
>> priorities and/or lacking error codes on creation are annoying + the
>> fact that it likely wouldn't work even with periodic timer mode.
> The fact that it does not work with aperiodic timer is documented.
> However, this used to work and was tested with periodic timer (you can
> find the tests under sim/skins/posix/testsuite), that is why there is no
> reason to return any error code.

...which is bogus IMHO. Expecting to read the doc when something does
not work as expected is ok. But more or less silently failing even if it
is documented that it will somehow fail is not what Xenomai is usually
known for.

That said, I still don't see (looking at TRUNK) how SCHED_RR should work
even under periodic mode. Guess I have to enable and test it.

But I guess the best we can do is to finally remove this limitation by
allowing the use to create a periodic tick timer over aperiodic mode if
there is a need for RR scheduling.


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