Hi Alexis,

Alexis Berlemont wrote:
> Hi,
> Il already tried to send this mail to xenomai-core; I have been waiting for 
> it 
> for the past 24 hours. So I tried again with a few changes. Sorry for the 
> noise.
> Here are three patches which provide the whole RTDM API to user-land. Thanks 
> to these features, driver code can be executed by common user processes.
>  - As Jan suggested, this first version is a "single process" driver, it can 
> only be used (many times) by one process as it runs as library within the 
> context of the user process. The multiple user space contexts implementation 
> will follow (if you consider it as interesting).
> - The Linux framework for common Linux services (lists, ioremap(), etc. at 
> least) is not available yet. It will follow.
> - The RTDM API has not changed... (except the IRQ and NRT sig handlers 
> functions headers...).
> - The code has been tested thanks to the examples (available in 
> examples/rtdm/user-api / patch n°2).
> Do you find such patches interesting for inclusion ?

Very nice stuff! And obviously already fairly complete even in details,
which is impressing for the first run.

I already created some local branch with your patches and compiled them.
Only minor issues visible: please check for pointer<->int conversion
warnings on 64-bit - and please add spaces after if, while, for etc. :).
I will look into this in more details soon.

Did you already tried to build or even run some existing single-user
driver against your extension? I'm thinking of the 16550A e.g. (it even
has a test case). Also the irqbench driver could be a candidate. Is
there some standard how-to-convert/build procedure?


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