Last resend before removal of the ia64 support.

Philippe Gerum wrote:
> It has been 2.5 years since we saw an update to the Xenomai/ia64 port, and 
> there
> is still no sign of life coming from ia64 users (do we actually have any
> Xenomai/ia64 users? maybe one, a single one?). To sum up the situation:
> - our ia64 port stalled in 2.6.16.
> - we had zero feedback from anyone regarding the Xenomai/ia64 port since it 
> was
> introduced in 2005 (no, I won't buy the "there was no bug to report" 
> explanation
> for this; it has been a while since Santa Claus told me he was a fake).
> - there is no incentive to rejuvenate the ia64 port on my side, given that I
> would definitely use PREEMPT_RT to gain real-time guarantees instead of a
> co-kernel on this particular architecture.
> - We did not hear of anyone having such incentive yet.
> Letting an architecture port bit rot in Xenomai is not an option, and
> maintaining a useless port makes no sense. 2.5 brings in a number of new
> features, and it is crucial that all of the Xenomai ports support them 
> properly.
> If you think I'm badly wrong, utterly misinformed, or just nuts (whichever 
> comes
> first), you may want to speak up now. 2.5-rc1 is due for the first week of
> February, and I plan to remove the ia64 support before our first release
> candidate is out, unless somebody convinces me that I should not do that.


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