Philippe Gerum wrote:
> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>> Hi,
>> this looks suspicious to me:
>> static inline void do_taskexit_event(struct task_struct *p)
>> {
>>      ...
>>      if (xnpod_shadow_p())
>>              xnshadow_relax(0);
>> A) The only call context of this hook is do_exit() - and that's Linux
>> kernel code which should always run in secondary mode, no?
> It is a left-over from the days when do_exit() could be called from primary 
> context directly on behalf on the shadow unmapping code; now we go through an 
> APC, so that should be ok.

Mmm, then I wonder if we shouldn't be able to drop the explicit
xnpod_schedule() from do_taskexit_event() as well: we always enter this
code over the ROOT thread, and xnpod_delete_thread() will only kill a
suspended thread. So there should be no need to reschedule afterwards.
Will post an updated patch.


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