Steven Seeger wrote:
> I will ask Mark to run the klatency -t 2 test. I do not have a system  
> or even a piece of a system right now so I can't run anything. Sorry. :(
> What happens if I call start on a timer that is already running? Will  

Not explicitly specified, but the existing timer will be stopped first
and then newly started.

> it change the timing at all or ignore the start?
> Is this correct:
> rtdm_timer_start(&timer, 2000000, 125000, RTDM_TIMERMODE_ABSOLUTE);
> The behavior I want is to start my timer in 2ms and have it fire every  

"...start ... in 2 ms" sounds a bit like TIMERMODE_RELATIVE, no? :)

> 125us. The timer itself will use rtdm_timer_stop_in_handler() to stop  
> itself.
> Am I making any mistakes here?
> Steven


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