Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
> Mark Saiia wrote:
>> Attached is a tracelog.  It was obtained with, with Xenomai
>> 2.4 maintenance branch, and Gilles' patch.  In order to get the
>> application to run without overruns, I had to disable instrument
>> function entries in the kernel config.  It is impossible to run
>> latency at the same time as the application with the ipipe tracer
>> enabled(probably due to resource scarcity?) as the system locks up, so
>> I was unable to do as Gilles suggested/requested (running latency -f
>> during the applications execution).
> What I meant is you to run the latency test alone, with some non
> real-time load. And to obtain useful traces, we need the "instrument
> function entries in the kernel config". You can increase the latency
> period to decrease the log.

to decrease the load, I mean.


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