Martin Shepherd wrote:
> I have been working on fixing the problems in xeno-test that I
> reported a few days ago. After spending most of yesterday fighting
> with the broken signal-handling behavior of the various bourne-shell
> derivatives, I came to the conclusion that it was impossible to
> reliably and portably clean up background workload processes using
> just shell signal handling. I thus decided to write a separate program
> that xeno-test could invoke, which would take care of running the
> background processes, restart any that terminated before xeno-test
> ended, and terminate them when xeno-test either exited normally or was
> terminated by a signal. I have done this now, incorporated it into
> xeno-test, and tested it while running xeno-test under bash, dash and
> busybox. My question is whether this approach is acceptible, and if
> so, how I should submit it for incorporation in xenomai?

I'd prefer to avoid adding this new program. xeno-test is already more
complicated than I would like, and I am almost sure that we can handle
differences between the shells by testing what shell we are running (for
instance using the SHELL variable) and using some explicit "ifs" in the

> In particular, for the program that manages the background workload
> processes (which is currently called xeno-stress), should I create a
> new directory for this under xenomai-head/src/testsuite/, and set up
> makefiles etc there, or should it go somewhere else?
> In case anybody wants to see the code first, you can find the program
> source code and a simple makefile for compiling it, at:

I get a 404.


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