Gidday there,

I am using Xenomai-trunk on a Virtex-II Pro (PowerPC 405) using a
patched version of DENX- (using
adeos-ipipe- as a base).

This was working fine up until the beginning of April when it appears
that the and configure scripts were changed for powerpc.
The SVN revision(commit) 4681 removed CONFIG_XENO_FASTSYNCH=y.  However,
in ksrc/arch/powerpc/Kconfig, XENO_FASTSYNCH is still set to 'y'.

Is this normal?

I'm not involved with development of Xenomai, so I don't actually have a
clue about what this means.  On my 'post March 11' build I get
'(userland requires "nofastsynch nosmp", kernel provides "fastsynch

I have searched the mailing list archives and I can't find much mention
of this issue occurring previously.

Thanks in advance for any advice/recommendations.


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