Joshua Lamorie wrote:
> Gidday there,
> I am using Xenomai-trunk on a Virtex-II Pro (PowerPC 405) using a
> patched version of DENX- (using
> adeos-ipipe- as a base).
> This was working fine up until the beginning of April when it appears
> that the and configure scripts were changed for powerpc.
> The SVN revision(commit) 4681 removed CONFIG_XENO_FASTSYNCH=y.  However,
> in ksrc/arch/powerpc/Kconfig, XENO_FASTSYNCH is still set to 'y'.
> Is this normal?

No this is not normal and has been fixed in xenomai 2.5-rc1. The svn
repository is no longer used, we use git now. See
for details on how to fetch the code in git repositories.


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