Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Hi Gilles,
> I'm currently facing a nasty effect with switchtest over latest git head
> (only tested this so far): running it inside my test VM (ie. with
> frequent excessive latencies) I get a stalled Linux timer IRQ quite
> quickly. System is otherwise still responsive, Xenomai timers are still
> being delivered, other Linux IRQs too. switchtest complained about
>     "Warning: Linux is compiled to use FPU in kernel-space."
> when it was started. Kernels are and
> (LTTng patched in, but unused), both show the
> same effect.
> Seen this before?

The warning about Linux being compiled to use FPU in kernel-space means
that you enabled soft RAID or compiled for K7, Geode, or any other
configuration using 3DNow for such simple operations as memcpy. It is
harmless, it simply means that switchtest can not use fpu in kernel-space.

The bug you have is probably the same as the one described here, which I
am able to reproduce on my atom:

Unfortunately, I for one am working on ARM issues and am not available
to debug x86 issues. I think Philippe is busy too...


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