Here is the eighth maintenance release for the v2.4.x branch.  Short
log follows:


        * Suppress switch warning upon signal receipt when the process
        is being debugged.
        * Fix host tick propagation.
        * Prevent early timer shots due to rounding imprecision.
        * Fix computation of heap overhead.
        * Move xnarch_set_irq_affinity out of intr lock.
        * Introduce channel information in LTTng markers.


        * Fix access checks in select().
        * Fix errnoneous -EINVAL error return with mmap() of non
          page-aligned length.


        * Fix message pipe streaming mode.
        * Make optimized tsc<->ns conversion routines available to


        * Add missing rescheduling in semaphore deletion code.


        * Fix sc_[e]tcreate().
        * Rework mutex support.


        * Do not restore ALTIVEC/SPE regs for kernel threads.
        * Port to Emerson's MVME7100 dual core SBC.
        * Upgrade Adeos support to


        * Upgrade Adeos support to 2.6.29-arm-1.13-00.


        * Fix miscompilation of __do_strncpy_from_user().
        * Yet another round of FPU management fixes.
        * Upgrade Adeos support to


        * Upgrade Adeos support to


        * ixxat-pci: fix problems with device probing.
        * ixxat-pci: disambiguate PCI device id.
        * mscan: fix build problems with recent kernel versions.



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