Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Hi Philippe,
> what problem did you had to address with commit 6346c046b1? I'm asking
> as it most probably breaks what e7d889f56c tried to fix (e.g. double
> definitions of PTHREAD_PRIO_* with recent glibcs).

The problem was that with uclibc, pthread_mutexattr_set_prio_inherit
existed, but PTHREAD_PRIO_INHERIT did not exit, so the posix
mutex-torture test was not compiling. Which is why, we replaced with:

which should work as long as this piece of code is put after the
But maybe we forgot that...

Besides, I use recent libc (and I believe with -Wall -W) and do not see
any warning . Would you be compiling with g++ or with special flags?


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