Andreas Glatz wrote:
> Hi,
> I have some questions about the future of Xenomai:
> 1) I read that in Xenomai 3 you will add support to switch between  
> the native Xenomai scheduler
>       and the Linux scheduler patched with the RT_PREEMPT patchset.  
> When are you planning to
>       start this development?

There are some early components available, see and

> 2) Is it right to say that when Xenomai runs on top of the patched  
> Linux scheduler we will still
>       have the native API with all it's nice features like RT_QUEUE  
> and RT_PIPE?

Yes, the plan is to allow easy code migration between both RT models,
and that would include code written for the Native skin.

> 3) Have you ever heard about a Xenomai/IPIPE port to m68k?

I had some chat with the guy who is working on RTAI for m68k, which
included writing some I-pipe-like patch. Unfortunately there was not
much drive visible to push that part upstream. But it's released now, so
someone else could pick that task up.

> 4) What are the most important conferences/summits/... for Xenomai  
> developers?

E.g. RTLWS [1]. At least /me plans to attend (though on a non-Xenomai

> Greetings from the Linux Symposium in Montreal,
> Andreas (Ruggedcom Inc.)



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