Here is the ninth maintenance release for the v2.4.x branch:

Special note to PowerPC (32/64) users: the FPU management code has been
sanitized an awful lot in this release compared to 2.4.8 and earlier
for this architecture. Really.  Several bugs which may badly break the 
floating-point registers state "in some circumstances" have
been fixed.

Therefore I would strongly recommend to upgrade your Xenomai baseline
to 2.4.9, and ideally, kernel 2.6/powerpc users should also move their
I-pipe support to 2.6.30-2.7-00, or at the very least backport _both_ of
the following patches, in that order, to their kernel tree:


People running a 2.4.25 kernel (the only one officially supported by
Xenomai from the legacy 2.4/ppc kernel series) should definitely
upgrade to the following I-pipe patch, to close a few important
issues, including the FPU ones:

Panic mode mitigation: This is a PowerPC-related issue only. Other
architectures were not affected by those bugs.

= You have been warned =

Not scared enough? Ok. Here is the short log for v2.4.9:

Gilles Chanteperdrix (3):
      arm: fix syscalls with gcc 4.3.2
      arm: Disable preemptible switch.
      posix: fix shm leak

Graf Yang (1):
      blackfin: Update __sched_latency for blackfin processors

Matteo Facchinetti (1):
      rtcan: fix MPC5xxx_GPIO definition for 2.6.2[0-4] kernels

Philippe Gerum (54):
      powerpc: add calibration data for Freescale's ADS8272
      powerpc: add calibration data for TQ's TQM8560
      powerpc: upgrade Adeos/powerpc support
      build: upgrade to autoconf >= 2.62
      powerpc: add calibration info for 440EP Yosemite
      powerpc: update Adeos/powerpc support
      powerpc: unify calibration values for PA-Semi
      powerpc: upgrade I-pipe/2.4 support to 2.4.25-ppc-2.0-01
      x86: upgrade I-pipe support to
      x86: upgrade I-pipe to
      powerpc: init FPU for userland Xenomai threads as well
      powerpc: discard useless backup field
      powerpc: fix fpu backup area layout
      nucleus: fix potential init race of the main pod
      powerpc: sanitize kthread init stack setup
      nucleus: port to 2.6.30
      native: force no more than PTHREAD_STACK_MIN bytes for stack size
      powerpc: enable FE0/FE1 exceptions during fpu init
      powerpc: flip FE0/FE1 when saving/restoring the FPU in RT mode
      x86: fix wrap_switch_iobitmap() for 2.6.30
      x86: remove now useless I/O bitmap switch code
      nucleus: do not dereference thread memory after deletion
      powerpc: raise SYS_STACKPOOLSZ to 128Kb for 64bit archs
      nucleus: use larger default sizes for heap and stack pool
      powerpc: reserve stack overhead in kthread trampoline
      powerpc: sanitize FPU handling helpers
      testsuite: add missing compiler barriers to switchtest
      testsuite: do not specify stack sizes lower than PTHREAD_STACK_MIN
      powerpc: upgrade legacy I-pipe support to 2.4.25-ppc-2.1-00
      powerpc: upgrade legacy I-pipe support to 2.6.20-powerpc-1.9-00
      powerpc: upgrade I-pipe support to 2.6.30-powerpc-2.6-03
      arm: upgrade I-pipe support to 2.6.28-arm-1.12-03
      arm: upgrade I-pipe support to 2.6.28-arm-1.13-01
      x86: fix 2.6.30 build in 32bit mode
      x86: upgrade I-pipe support to 2.6.30-x86-2.4-05
      powerpc: upgrade I-pipe support to 2.6.30-powerpc-2.7-00
      rtai: fix build with CONFIG_PROC_FS disabled
      blackfin: upgrade I-pipe support to 2.6.30-1.11-00
      asm-generic: stop using deprecated find_task_by_pid_type_ns()
      x86: fix include for kernel >= 2.6.30
      doc: fix GIT tree detection
      blackfin: do not consider IPEND[4] for scheduling deferral
      powerpc: reinstate FE0/FE1 depending on the per-task fpexc_mode
      powerpc: do not leak MSR_FP when back to secondary mode
      powerpc: upgrade legacy I-pipe support to 2.4.25-ppc-2.2-01
      nucleus: trap wrong interrupt state upon return from hardening
      nucleus: postpone sanity check to allow for signal receipt
      arm: upgrade I-pipe support to 2.6.30-arm-1.14-00, 2.6.28-arm-1.12-04, 
      scripts: use default autoconf version
      powerpc: upgrade legacy I-pipe support to 2.6.20-powerpc-1.9-01
      build: update version stamp
      build: bootstrap
      doc: regenerate documentation

Stefan Kisdaroczi (1):
      debian: fix kernel patch preparation script not to truncate init/Kconfig


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