The 11th Real Time Linux Workshop

                         Xenomai User Meeting 2009

                           September 28 to 30, 2009
                        Technische Universitaet Dresden
                         Faculty of Computer Science
                      Chair of Operating Systems (TUDOS)
                               Dresden, Germany
  The 11th Real Time Linux Workshop, held at the Technische Universitaet 
  Dresden, Germany, from September 28-30 this year will bring together many 
  of the Real Time Linux developers from all of the Real Time Linux Variants.
  This workshop will feature a RT-Preempt track held by key RT-preempt 
  developers, a broad spectrum of presentation on existing Real Time Linux
  variants as well as applications utilizing Embedded and Real Time Linux
  Further we plan hands-on sessions on key Real Time Linux systems.
 RTLWS Agenda:
 Hotel Infos:

                        -- Nicholas Mc Guire <>

 At the same time the Xenomai User Meeting 2009 will be held in close
  proximity to RTLWS11 - details can be found at:

 General Infos:

 XUM-2009 Agenda:

 XUM-2009 Abstracts:

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