Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Matthieu Nottale wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I believe I found a bug in the Xenomai Posix skin while trying to use
>> boost::asio: The accept() call in asychronous mode
>> fails with ENOPEM instead of EAGAIN. Other than that, the call 'works'
>> in the sense that calling it again after a connection is established
>> returns a new file descriptor.
> On what kind of file descriptor descriping what kind of socket are you
> calling accept()? So far I'm not aware of any RTDM driver providing the
> corresponding service - well, at least not a public one (our RT-TCP
> stack is yet to be released). Or is it intended to pass the call to
> plain Linux, switching the caller into secondary more?

There's a sample attached. Yes, it is a TCP stream. Howeve accept is
wrapped, so it may happen that EPERM is the result of the wrapping.


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