Here is the tenth maintenance release for the v2.4.x branch.


Gilles Chanteperdrix (2):
      build: provide front-end script to link static POSIX apps
      Do not use the 2 stages build for building non-posix applications

Jan Kiszka (2):
      native: Fix memory leak on heap/queue auto-deletion
      native: Avoid double release on queue/heap auto-cleanup

Philippe Gerum (12):
      scripts: install
      scripts: allow concurrent invocations of
      x86: fix 64bit build for SMP kernels < 2.6.31
      x86: upgrade I-pipe support to
      powerpc: upgrade legacy I-pipe support to 2.6.20-powerpc-1.9-03
      nucleus: call post-release handlers w/ irqs on
      native/{queue, heap}: fix locking in post-release handlers
      x86: remove obsolete I-pipe patch
      powerpc: upgrade I-pipe support to
      build: update version stamp
      doc: fix removal rule
      doc: rebuild documentation

Sebastian Smolorz (1):
      can: add support for SJA1000 based PCI CAN interface cards from

Stephen Sinclair (1):
      Copy the udev rules into rules.d if it exists.


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