Hi All,
i am beginner to Xenomai & i m trying to understand how will it go in the 
future so i have 2 questions:

1. the patch of Adeos just enables the sharing of hardware between different 
OS, (Linux Vanilla kernel & Xenomai Nucleus), does it make this step only?

2. In Xenomai 2, there r 2 different kernels Normal Linux Vanilla & Xenomai 
Nucleus, but i read that Xenomai 3 will tend to use
 PREEMPT_RT support which leads to the only one Native kernel will exist, does 
it mean that the Nucleus will vanish & will it be the patched RT Vanilla Linux 
Kernel itself?
or does it mean that the Nuecleuse will no longer be a part of the kernel space 
so it will be in user space?
I beleive in the nucleus of Xenomai must exist in all cases?


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