I have been trying to test the functionality of the analogy_ni_pcimio driver 
on a NI6259 board. I am using a linux kernel with the xenomai-head 
(rc5). Doing an a4l_sync_write to an analog output channel works fine. Now I am 
trying to use the cmd structure for writing to the same analog output channel, 
as done in the cmd_write progam (whose source I found in 
<xenomai_root>/src/util/analogy/cmd_write.c .

But I am getting the error as indicated below. Any idea why this happens? My 
own programming gets the same error.

Thanks a lot!


unix> /usr/xenomai/bin/cmd_write -v -d analogy0 -s 1 -c 0 -S 1

cmd_write: device analogy0 opened (fd=0)
cmd_write: basic descriptor retrieved
         subdevices count = 14
         read subdevice index = 0
         write subdevice index = 1
cmd_write: complex descriptor retrieved
cmd_write: channel 0
         ranges count = 3
         range's size = 16 (bits)
cmd_write: scan size = 2
cmd_write: size to write  = 2
cmd_write: command successfully sent
cmd_write: triggering failed (ret=-32)

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