Patrice Kadionik wrote:
> Gilles Chanteperdrix a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> Since I started talking about it, I have run build tests fixing a few
>> things here and there. The current status is this (still at the same
>> place:
> Hi,
> I've watched your log file for nios2
> (
> You have this error because you don't have generated before the HW
> design for the NIOS softcore processor: after synthesis with the Quartus
> Altera tools, you finally have a file for programming the FPGA circuit
> and a .ptf file that gives ASCII informations on your SoPC design (in a
> xml style...).
> The error:
> ./arch/nios2/Makefile:131: *** Run "make hwselect SYSPTF=<system.ptf>"
> first. Stop.
> is due to lack of this .ptf file.
> This command generates a .h (nios2.h) file that makes relation between
> hardware and the Linux kernel (peripheral base address, irq number,
> peripheral name...)
> Please find here:
> a valid .ptf file for Xenomai port.
> Juste run :
> $ make hwselect SYSPTF=path_to_std_1s10.ptf
> for completing the kernel compilation...

Ok. Thanks, nios2 now compiles.


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