Hi Simon,

Simon Boulay wrote:
 > Hi,
 > Here is a patch which adds the support of the Sensoray Model 526 board
 > to analogy.

Great ! I had a look at the code, that is fine for me. I just have few
- some "printk" were left commented in the original comedi driver, you
correctly translated them into a4l_info; however, could you use a4l_dbg
instead and remove the comments ?
- the sources of the original driver contain many areas of commented
code and "#if 0 #else #endif" directives. In order to keep coherency
with the original driver, I think the import of the driver should be
done as it is; nonetheless, the second step would be to clean it inside
the git repository.

I think it is wise to wait for the release of 2.5 before integrating it. 
It will be made available in Xenomai 2.5.1.

 > The driver compiles against head but have not been tested on real 
hardware yet.
Alessio was interested by this driver; Alessio, the driver is yours as
soon as it is available in my git repository.

 > It has been ported from comedi (staging version) and should work as 
in comedi:
 > - Encoder works
 > - Analog input works
 > - Analog output works
 > - PWM output works
 > - Commands are not supported yet.
 > Regards,
Many thanks for your work !

 > Simon.

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