On Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 9:40 PM, Alexis Berlemont
<alexis.berlem...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> Simon Boulay wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Here is a patch which adds the support of the Sensoray Model 526 board
>> to analogy.
> Great ! I had a look at the code, that is fine for me. I just have few
> remarks:
> - some "printk" were left commented in the original comedi driver, you
> correctly translated them into a4l_info; however, could you use a4l_dbg
> instead and remove the comments ?

> - the sources of the original driver contain many areas of commented code
> and "#if 0 #else #endif" directives. In order to keep coherency with the
> original driver, I think the import of the driver should be done as it is;
> nonetheless, the second step would be to clean it inside  the git
> repository.
I totally agree. The "#if 0 #else #endif" directives are mainly
documentation or examples. I don't know if they are useful anymore but
I preferred to let them in place for first tests.
I'll send you patches when the driver will be available in your git repository.
There are certainly things to add or optimize but I tried to not
divert too much from the original driver for the beginning.
If you think that's not the right way of doing, tell me. I plan to
publish the jr3 driver port this week. The original code is far more
clean but I'll appreciate your advices.

> I think it is wise to wait for the release of 2.5 before integrating it. It
> will be made available in Xenomai 2.5.1.

>> The driver compiles against head but have not been tested on real hardware
>> yet.
> Alessio was interested by this driver; Alessio, the drivers is yours as soon
> as it is available in my git repository.
I'll be pleased to help anybody who can test the driver.

>> It has been ported from comedi (staging version) and should work as in
>> comedi:
>> - Encoder works
>> - Analog input works
>> - Analog output works
>> - PWM output works
>> - Commands are not supported yet.
>> Regards,
> Many thanks for your work !
Your welcome. Let see if it works...

>> Simon.
> Alexis.

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