Alessio Margan @ IIT wrote:
> Hi,
>> The irq parameter is not used. It's not used in comedi either.
>> For the io_port, the command analogy_config analogy0 analogy_s526 0xdc0 
>> works for me...
> not for me ... driver arg 0xdc0 when red by sscanf(opts, "%u",
> &res[(*nb) - 1]) in analogy_config.c in function compute_opts is set to
> 0 due to %u
> if I use the decimal value of ioport it works ... analogy_config
> analogy0 analogy_s526 3520

It seems the version you are using is not up to date, this bug was fixed
two months ago:

commit 01bcfd898555425e96350b306155cba429a65539
Author: Alexis Berlemont <>
Date: Sun Nov 8 02:10:20 2009 +0100

analogy: fix a bug in the attach procedure

The options to be sent to the driver at attach time were badly handled
if the values were hexadecimal-based.

>> Did you try to acquire data?
> I try with insn_read command find in src/utils/analogy but seems that
> subdevice should have commands enabled subd->flags |= A4L_SUBD_CMD;
> Alessio


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