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> What we may be aiming at, if workable, is something like:
> ipipe-*-mainline
> ipipe-*-amcc
> ipipe-*-512x

This sounds fine to me.

I guess we don't even need a 'ipipe-*-amcc' branch - the only things
that should be in our tree but not in mainline are the Synopsis USB
and S-ATA drivers (which are in such a state that they have no chance
of being accepted for mainline), and these additional features are
probably not of relevance for use with Xenomai.

ACK for 'ipipe-*-512x', but this is a work-in-progress tree, with the
clear intention to push this stuff into mainline ASAP.

> Maybe one for the PA6T as well, if we want to keep supporting the old A2
> board rev. I'm unsure right now, since B0 is fine in mainline already.

Are there any significant differences between A2 and Bx as far as
Xenomai in concerned? I mean, would a mainline patch (for Bx) be
missing anything so it doesn't run on A2?

> A mainline pipeline branch for everything that directly works over
> mainline, and platform-specific branches for those that do not. Those
> special branches would then disappear as soon as mainline is fine for
> the platforms they host as well.

I like this approach :-)

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