Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Hi guys,
> we are currently trying to catch an ugly Linux pipeline state corruption
> on x86-64.
> Conceptual question: If a Xenomai task causes a fault, we enter
> ipipe_trap_notify over the primary domain and leave it over the root
> domain, right? Now, if the root domain happened to be stalled when the
> exception happened, where should it normally be unstalled again,
> *for_that_task*? Our problem is that we generate a code path where this
> does not happen.

In other words, and now it's starting to become a pure ipipe topic:

If we migrated during ipipe_trap_notify, shouldn't we restore the root
domain state afterwards from the state of the previously active domain
on entry of __ipipe_handle_exception? I bet that would fix our case, but
I'm yet unsure about side effects and the intended semantic behind this.


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