Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
> Stefan Kisdaroczi wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Am 14.02.2010 10:38, schrieb Philippe Gerum:
>>> <snip>
>>> In any case, thanks for your work so far. We probably need to discuss
>>> the packaging issues on this list, so that we get both consistency and
>>> usability in the future.
>>> Gilles and Roland, if this is fine with you, I'll handle the liaison
>>> role with upstream packagers, so please CC me explicitly on those mails.
>>> We'll sort out this issue, it doesn't look that bad anyway.
>> udev/xenomai.rules sets the group for realtime devices to "xenomai".
>> Patch attached to create the group "xenomai" on installation.
>> Additionally, it would be nice to set "xeno_nucleus.xenomai_gid" to
>> group "xenomai" too. Is this possible with a udev rule ?
> Well, no, xeno_nucleus.xenomai_gid is a kernel parameter, so it is boot
> loader stuff. However, if xeno_nucleus is compiled as a module, you can
> add parameters in /etc/modprobe.d. Well, that would have been the place
> to do it some time ago. I may not be completely up-to-date.

You can change this [module] parameter at any time:

echo GID > /sys/module/xeno_nucleus/parameters/xenomai_gid


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