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Am 25.02.2010 15:44, schrieb Jeff Weber:
> Hello Stefan:
> I've been watching with interest the recent active work integrating
> Debian and Xenomai.  I am currently porting an embedded application to
> Xenomai, and am surveying candidate Linux distributions.
> I did a test build, install of Xenomai on a Debian Lenny distributionI
> per the HOWTO:
> http://xenomai.org/index.php/Xenomai_quick_build_quide
> and updated my grub menu.lst with the new kernel, and all worked well.
> I did spend a significant amount of time tuning my kernel config file to
> my target board.
> Can you help me understand the advantages of using the Debian packages,
> over the process I followed above?  I am still unclear on the advantages
> of using the Debian Xenomia packages.

- Installing software is easy, maintaining a system is harder. Using debian
  packages helps you upgrading/removing xenomai on a system.
- If you need xenomai on more than one machine, you build once and install
  the same deb's on all machines.
- You are testing different distributions now. If you install distribution xyz
  on your system and want later to switch back to lenny, you just have to
  keep the deb's and you are fine. Nothing to compile.
- You don't need any xenomai knowhow to install a deb. If, for example, your
  co-worker needs to be able to setup xenomai too and he has the deb's a
  simple "dpkg -i *.deb" on a lenny system will do it and it will work,
  and you can enjoy your holidays ;-)

> Which kernels can I use?
> Do I still need to tune a kernel config file?

You still need to tune the config and build a kernel, there is no binary
kernel-image with xenomai support. However, if you use make-kpkg to build
the kernel it will build a *.deb. If you install this deb you dont
have to fiddle with grub menu.lst, the kernel is automatically added.

Please always CC the mailing list. Thank you.


> If not, how is the kernel pre-configured?
> thanks,
> Jeff

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