GIT version control wrote:
> Module: xenomai-jki
> Branch: for-upstream
> Commit: b7940ae7699b5a371d538d1a8e22be07c3d36bf7
> URL:    
> Author: Jan Kiszka <>
> Date:   Thu Feb 25 23:33:46 2010 +0100
> Avoid false error reports of xeno_handle_mlock_alert
> We already propagate the SIGDEBUG reason to user space. Use it to tell
> SIGDEBUG_NOMLOCK apart from other triggers of this signal, e.g. the
> watchdog. This also allows to drop xeno_sigxcpu_no_mlock.
> Signed-off-by: Jan Kiszka <>

That is not really enough. Since a user may want to register is own
handler, we have to handle that case as we do for sigwinch. In the
process, we can also give the exported function a better name based on

Ok. Will take care of that.


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