Alexis Berlemont wrote:
> Daniele Nicolodi wrote:
>> Hello Alexis,
>> I found that a4l_get_chan() in buffer.c does not work for subdevices
>> that use a global channels description struct (mode =
>> A4L_CHAN_GLOBAL_CHANDESC in the a4l_chdesc_t structure).

> However, with your accurate description, I think this patch should
> solve the problem:

Thanks Alexis. Your patch has the same effect as the one I cracked up
myself after some head scratching. It is more readable than mine,
however my solution avoids the iteration and the multiple checks for
A4L_CHAN_GLOBAL_CHANDESC and can be a little more efficient, but i think
compiler optimizations should make it a non noticeable difference.


PS: Looks like does not like my university SMTP server. I have
difficulties in sending mails to your account there.


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