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Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
>> Because of __xn_exec_current, people have broken drivers, and user-space
>> applications using T_PRIMARY as a broken way to workaround these broken
>> drivers, and by maintaining compatibility, we let them keep their broken
>> drivers and applications, by changing to the more natural
>> __xn_exec_conforming and removing T_PRIMARY, we ask them to fix their
>> drivers and applications.
> Right goal, wrong approach for the reason I pointed out to Philippe:
> We cannot map all kinds of driver requirements on a single
> __xn_exec_current in the RTDM middle layer.

What requirement can we not handle? It looks to me like with
__xn_exec_conforming, we can handle any requirement.

The only problem being the "double context switch" issue. But as
Philippe said, a sane application is calling such ioctls from non
critical code, so this is in fact a non-issue.


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